We are offering entrepreneurial opportunities and positions for real estate professionals who align with our cultural values, mission and vision. 


Broker Administrator/Manager

Since we are growing fast and expending into new markets, we are looking for Licensed Real Estate Brokers who fit our designated profile and experience to become a broker administrator/manager in one of our locations. While managing one of our Circle100 location, our brokers can do their own sales (competing brokers). Compensation will be discussed in a confidential interview. Click below to schedule an interview or a 1 on 1 with our founder.

Office Director

This unique partnership position is specifically suitable for Brokers with an expressive/driver personality and those who love helping others.


Some of the main responsibilities include: 

A. Meet with licensed real estate professionals who fit our mission, vision and culture values. 

B. Grow & manage our online marketing and social media platforms.

C. Lead our mission forward, while preserving and promoting our cultural values.

D. Promote, Coordinate and participate in our online/offline events and training activities.

E. Promote and coordinate our local live events.

F. Participation in local real estate networking events, board events, training events.

G. Working directly with the broker manager on compliance supervision.



A. A Real Estate License is a must (preferably Broker's license)

B. HR experience (preferably real estate related).

C. Marketing/PR background is a plus. 


For this position we offer an aggressive profit share equity position (no monetary investment needed). Directors can do their own deals and get 100% commission split. 

For more information, click below to book a video conference with our Founder. 

Real Estate Agents & Broker Associates

We are opening Circle100 offices in your area and bringing our gifts closer to your location.

Here are some of the benefits we offer our associates:

  • 100% commission split programs

  • Everything you need to improve your production including: specific business building training, coaching groups and 1 on 1, weekly webinars, accountability partnerships, role playing groups, online training video library, performance analyzer and more. 

  • Paperless technology allowing agents to work on the go

  • Fast commission payments (24-48 hours)

  • Advanced commission payment options (through E-commissions)

  • Multiple locations and office suites

  • Transition aid (to help agents transition without losing deals or listings)

  • Administrative and broker assistance and a closing coordinator. 

  • Website and CRM solutions 

  • Residual bonuses and recruiting incentives

  • And much more. 

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