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Q & A With Our Founder

Q: How Can You Pay 100% Commissions And Offer So Much More To Your Agents?
What's the Catch?
A: I often smile when I hear this question, but since we live in a fairly skeptic world, I am not surprised by it. It's a fair question and I want to answer it without bashing other companies.
I am shooting for a paradigm shift in our industry:
Making it more profitable for real estate agents to join Circle100 than opening their own brokerage.
From day one I designed Circle100 to  help real estate agents be more profitable. That is why provide Circle100 agents with business building education, coaching and consulting that are all geared towards helping them operate like business owners, not just selling real estate but actually building a business, creating income streams and preparing for retirement.

Ran Biderman, Circle100 Founder

In addition to our 100% commission programs, we also take the time to educate our associates on how to invest their money back into their real estate business as well as building residual income for retirement. It's a paradigm shift, we do it very well and the concept is very profitable.  

Q: What's the main difference between Circle100 and other brokerages?
A: A lot of people who strive to be their own boss are joining our industry, but unfortunately they act like an employee not a business owner and that is why they fail. 
Circle100 platforms are designed to provide agents with business support, business education and a financial platform to help them build a lasting and profitable business.
In order to deliver these promises and be able to build a profitable brokerage, we had to experiment with different economic models and innovate a formula that works for us short and long term. We found a very profitable model that allows us to pay 100% commissions, but it takes time to paradigm shift. A paradigm shift requires boldness. Making decisions and taking actions with consistent innovation and a clear vision for a better alternate reality. What we offer is a better reality for all real estate agents. It's an ideal environment and support system to help real estate agent become truly independent. 
Q: What Do You Think About Other Brokerages Who Offer a Traditional Model?
A: I see no reason to bash other brokerages. Brokerages who still choose to provide a traditional office environment and pay their agents a lower split do so successfully because there are still many real estate agents out there who search for that environment. If your broker gives you leads on a regular basis and you service the broker's leads, of course the broker deserves a chunk of your commissions and rightly so. That is what the traditional brokerage was created for. The broker is generating leads and then giving these leads to agents in their offices to service and to convert. It's a partnership.
But in reality most agents these days generate their own leads and then service and convert those leads by themselves. Therefore, I myself see no reason for these agents to stay in such an environment where they need to give up a big portion of their income. If they generate and convert their own leads, they deserve to keep 100% commissions. 
I guess it's the agent's choice to stay or leave such an environment, but I am often surprised to still encounter so many agents who truly believe their company's brand has anything to do with their production level or results. 
When we look for real estate agents and broker associates to join Circle100, we look for intelligence, we look for energy, we look for integrity and most importantly we look for those who want to build a successful business. There are wonderful agents out there who deserve to be part of Circle100. If you know someone who might be a good fit, I would love the chance to meet with them and help them grow their business.









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