A Real Estate
Paradigm Shift
Designed From Day 1 To Empower The Real Estate Agent.
It is a lot more profitable for real estate agents and brokers to build a career with Circle100 than opening their own brokerage.
The tools, the administration support, the revenue sharing residuals, the coaching, the training, the accountability and the ongoing entrepreneurship education.
Circle100 is where real estate professional reach their next level. 

Ran Biderman

Industry Stats show that more than 70% of real estate agents in America who get their real estate license, end up quitting within 18 months. 
The # 1 reason why so many agents quit is a lack of education and preparation. Being a real estate agent requires a lot more than just showing some houses.   
@ Circle100 our curriculum and educational systems are designed for those wishing to build their own real estate brand and earn a minimum of 6 figures income. We provide the needed education, accountability and administrative support to make sure our agents become financially independent within 12-18 months and increase their production year after year.
The reason we prefer brand new licensees @Circle100 is because new licensees are open minded, coachable and flexible and with that attitude, we can easily help them add 20 transactions a year to their production. 
Shifting Paradigms.
We share 50% of our revenue with our agents.   
A paradigm shift requires boldness. Making decisions, innovating and taking actions.
A much better reality for YOU the real estate agent.
I see no reason to bash other brokerages who still choose to provide a traditional office environment and pay their agents a lower split. I guess these brokerages are still in need, especially for agents who don't have enough skills or self assurance and feel they must rely on a brand name in order to get business.
If your broker gives you leads on a consistent regular basis and you service the broker's leads, of course the broker deserves a chunk of your commissions and rightly so. That is what the traditional brokerage was created for. The broker is generating leads and then giving these leads to agents in their offices to service and to convert. It's a partnership.
But if the agents generate their own leads, service and convert those leads by themselves, I myself see no reason for these agents to stay in such an environment where they need to give up a big portion of their income.
I guess it's the agent's choice to stay or leave such an environment, but I am surprised to still encounter some real estate agents who truly believe their company's brand has anything to do with their production level or results.
What we offer in details:
  • We provide 1 on 1 coaching, training, weekly webinars, group coaching, mastermind sessions and business consulting designed for business builders. 
  • We can pay you 100% commissions and we don't charge much in return.
  • We pay you quickly (24-48 hours) and there's also an option to be paid in advance.
  • We provide upfront commission solutions (in case you need an upfront) through E-commissions. 
  • We provide smooth transition to make sure agents don't lose money when transitioning over.
  • We help you sponsor other agents and build residual bonuses.
  • We provide administrative support, tools and a transaction coordinator to help you focus on making money without worrying about details.
  • We provide multiple physical locations (we are not a satellite brokerage).
  • We provide recruiting incentives and upcoming vacation trips. 
  • We provide mentoring programs for new agents
  • We pay you to mentor other agents.
  • And much more.
If you are ready to discover more and get some of your questions answered, click below to book a zoom video conference with me.
See you soon I hope :)

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