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Understanding Personality Styles Will Increase Your Sales. Period.

There are 16 personality styles. Which one are you? which one is the person you're working with? (your buyers, your sellers, the cooperating agent, the attorney). How should you approach each one? Is there a way to approach each one differently to get better communication results, more trust, more productivity? Taking the time to study personality styles and how to relate to each one is an advanced sales technique which requires time to master. Most realtors don't take the time to focus on what improves their sales skills. Most are simply looking for a buyers, a seller, an investor to sell them something and forget that buyers, sellers and investors have their own personality style and unles

Don't Walk Around Purposeless

Our purpose sets our priority and our priority determines the productivity our actions produce. How do you prioritize your life? Your business? Do you have a purpose? A mission? Something specific you are going after? Our industry is full of individuals seeking financial freedom, or a way to supplement their income so they could live a more prosperous life. But is that a real purpose? Studying the path to success, when you look closely at what it takes to achieve high levels of success, you will find purposeful action, someone leading a career, a company, a country, and that individual has a strong purpose allowing them to laser focus on one major target and do what it takes. But not everyon

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