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Realtors, Controlling Your Niche Market means: You Go ALL IN!

Choices. When it comes down to success or failure, choosing the right path is essential. In real estate sales, roughly 10-15% of the producers are considered top producers. Those are the elite, top real estate associates, who chose early in their career to go ALL IN. Let me elaborate. Many realtors claim to know what they're doing, thinking that being busy or doing a few deals a year makes them an expert. But the elite top producers know it takes a lot to really know what you're doing and master your niche. Know your market is not just looking at a few homes or closing a few deals. Here is what top producers do to master their craft and become the "Market Expert" and control their niche: - P

Feeling Burned Out?

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Adding 20+ Sales a Year Is Simple. Here Are The Steps

(If you're doing less than 20 sales a year, or wish to add 20 sales this year, follow this post). Depending on leads being given to you is a sure way to slavery and starvation. Although many of the real estate agents joining the industry do so with a dream to experience financial freedom, many are far far from it. According to National association of realtors more than 70% of the agents who join our industry end up quitting in the first 12 months. Quitting doesn't mean they give up their license. Quitting means they don't manage to do any deals and therefore can not afford to stay in the industry. So why the statistics work against so many? Real estate sales is an amazing industry allowing h

RI Real Estate Market Statistics For March 2017

Is it a good time to sell? When RI real estate owners contemplate selling their home, one of the most important steps is to know the timing. Timing is everything in life and in real estate. For the RI real estate market, 2017 is al all about good news for sellers with a slight increase in average price range comparing to 2016. Let's look at some of the stats: 725 New Listings 736 Homes SOLD 80 Expired Listings 611 Pending Plus 534 homes AU (under attorney review) Less than 70 days on the market on average So what does it mean? For RI realtors, that means good news! The market is moving quickly and prices are strong and selling very close to asking price. This is a great time to focus solely

Unfortunately Liking Your Broker Doesn't Make YOU Money!

Unfortunately, also in a good market I meet too many agents who struggle to make a living. A big percentage (more than 70%) of agents make less then $20k a year (after splitting with their brokerage its much less) and can not survive on real estate alone. Some have a second job or a full time job and do real estate part time, wishing that "one day" they will make enough money to be able to "hopefully" do it full time. When I ask these agents: "why do you stay with your current broker if you're not making any/enough money?"... they often answer: "I like my broker, he/she is a good person, they really care about me..." or they say: "I like being with a brand name company". To me, both these an

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