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The Road From 5 To 25 Deals

87% failure ratio! That’s how many people end up quitting real estate in their first 18 months. While that ratio looks higher than normal, other sales industries, entrepreneurs, restaurants all show similar or higher percentages of failure. Let’s focus on the other 13%. 13 people out of every 100 who get their real estate license manage to stay in the business and about 20% of them (2-3 people out of 100) manage to become top producers. So who are these top producers and how do they manage to achieve success? Here is what our research shows about The top producers. Top producing Realtors all around the world are focused on getting listings in a consistent matter, driving a predictable and pr

Your Real Estate Production In 2018 Will Be ________?

Assuming a typical Real estate deal, takes about 60 days to close, that means every deal you put in the pipeline today (December 5th) going forward, will close in 2018. That's why I always planned ahead and began the new year beginning on October the prior year. So the question is: how many contracts do you have pending at this time? On December 12 I will be meeting with a small group of real estate agents in Providence RI to conduct a mastermind coaching session designed to help each of these agents to figure out their 2018 production and necessary activity level (a specific schedule). I do this session every year with each of my one on one coaching clients on December, a few weeks before t

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