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Should You Consider Getting A Real Estate License?

Although the assumption that real

estate is an "easy money" solution,

let me assure you, it is not.

If you were recently fired, or quit a job

and you are contemplating getting into

the real estate sales industry,

bare in mind that those who consistently

make 6 figures income, are not to be

considered the norm.

Statistics show that 75% of new

licensees actually end up quitting the

business within the first 6 months.

The other 25% typically struggle for

the first 12-24 months before they

establish a part time income with

the hopes to reach higher levels of

production in the future. Less than 20%

of the 25% (which is roughly 5%

from the total brand new licensees)

will actually manage to reach higher

levels of production and become

top producers.

In a strong sellers market (which normally

don't last very long), more agents get

"lucky"and experience what we can name

as "easy money" (when a buyer ends up

buying the first house they see at full

price without any hassles).

knowing these facts, should you still

consider getting your real estate license?

It depends... lets look at a scenario:

If I asked you this question, what would

you answer:

If I told you that from 100 people

who get involved with real estate,

20 get to make a part time income,

3 get full time 6 figures income, and

2 become Millionaires, would you

choose to get involved or not?

If your answer is yes, that you should.

If you answered Hell YES! than you Must!.

If you answered, I need to think about it...than you

should think about not doing it.

(I recommend you to read our posts

covering "the 80/20 rule" as well as

"personality style".

We hope that this post can help those

of you who are on the fence. Feel free to

comment here below, or ask any related

questions :)

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