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Discover How The Ivy Lee Time Management Method Has Made So Many Millionaires 

Time management is a major challenge for many of us, especially when our business is growing. That why it's important to utilize time management systems like the Ivy Lee productivity method.

This old productivity system recommends us to close each day by writing down a list of six important things we wish to accomplish in the next day. We must write down each task and list it according to its level of importance. The most important one comes first, the least important, comes last.

Your aim is not to tackle every task as soon as possible but to solely focus on completing the first task and only once you've completed the first one we move to the next until we finish the list.

During 1918, Ivy Lee, a productivity consultant, counseled Charles Schwab, and the president of Bethlehem Steel, to adopt this plan for his employees. Schwab did just that, saw productivity soar and presented the consultant with a $25,000 check -- a princely sum back in those days.

Now you received the same consultation but luckily it didn't cost you $25,000. But be assured that if you don't use it, you will lose a lot more in the long run. 

Here is how we recommend our real estate professionals to take advantage:

  1. What is the most productive action you must take daily in order to achieve your goal?

  2. What is the second most production action you must take in order to achieve your goal?

Before we talk about the third most important, let first get busy and tackle number 1 & 2. 

Top producers know that the answer to number 1 is always: Prospecting, and number 2 is Follow up. 

Therefore, each day, they spend the first few hours (3-6 hours depending on their commitment level and how many deals they close) on prospecting and lead follow up. It's called "Money Time". 

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