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How The Act Of Being Grateful Can Attract More Greatness Into Your Life

For years I have been looking for a "wealth formula", a different way of behaving, thinking, acting, that will impact my ability to grow my income.

I started (and I recommend you to do the same, if you haven't read it already) with the 7 spiritual laws of success by Deepak Chopra. That was my first book in this particular line of thinking.

Here are the 7 laws:

  1. The law of pure potentiality

  2. The Law of Giving

  3. The law of “karma” or cause and effect

  4. The law of least effort

  5. The law of Intention and Desire

  6. The law of Detachment

  7. The law of “dharma” or purpose in life

After reading this book I had many breakthroughs in my understanding of life and I remember clearly the peace I felt by exercising the 6th law. For someone like me who was a control freak, that law helped me let go of the stiffness and relax, by doing so I immediately experienced more peace.

What's missing, which I believe should be the 8th Law,: The Law Of Practicing Gratefulness. The action of being grateful can be realized in different ways:

  • Prayer with the purpose of saying Thank You G-d for: ___________________. This short prayer can heal the heart and bring joy and happiness. When you "Truly" feel grateful for something, your energy level goes up and it reflects on everything you do, think, feel.

  • Reflection. To reflect on what happened to you in your life already and how you arrived at this very moment in time. Realize all the times you were saved, every negative situation in your life that ended up positive.

  • Visualization. To visualize an ideal moment in the future, a life you dream to experience. While visualizing it, be in a state of gratefulness as if you already achieved it. Spend a few minutes in that space.

  • Remember, things can always get worse. I remember when me and my dear friend arrived to NY in 1996 we had only $500 each, so we had to struggle financially and calculate every move. We were working in a moving company, as helpers, sleeping in the back of a truck, eating Burger King whopper for a $1 (which we ate sometimes twice a day just to be able to function) and we always said: "This can not get any worse", but it did, every time we said that, something went worse, until we learned to be grateful. I remember avoiding at all cost the words: "This can not get any worse", until it literally changed how my brain works, to never think negative.

  • Go to a children's hospital and walk around the critically ill patients section. I promise you, this will help you quickly feel grateful for the life/health/problems you have. You can actually feel grateful for having problems, you should try it out.

If you are having a hard time, take a pause, reflect on all the good things you have or had in your life (in every negative there is a positive, when you find it and reflect on it with gratefulness, you will see miracles).

I recall another moment in my past, when I first watched the movie "The Secret". I remembered the joy and excitement of being able to think about something and make it appear. What a wonderful thought that is, right? But unfortunately it didn't work for me. I personally know many people who read the book and/or watched the movie and then expected things to happen for them. But shortly after they realized it doesn't work that way.

What was missing in the movie/book is a practical way to practice gratefulness.

If you look highly successful people who experience happiness & joy with prosperity, wealth and success, you will quickly notice they are practicing gratefulness in one form or another. I hope you won't confuse yourself, thinking: "Well of course they are grateful, they have what they want so therefore they are grateful". It doesn't work like that. First comes real, authentic feeling of gratefulness (if you fake it, it won't work), then after some time (no specific time frame here) you will start realizing changes appear in many areas of your life. More joy, more peace, more tranquil.

Practice DAILY gratefulness by praying and thanking G-d for what you have and you will surely experience a lot of prosperity into your life. Be grateful for the negative points as well as positive points. You must reach point of awareness that you know everything in your life deserves being grateful for.

Make it a great day :)

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