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Get Your Real Estate License in RI and MA

How To Get A Real Estate License in RI or MA and Build A Six Figure Income As A Real Estate Agent

Building a new career is exciting and scary at the same time. I have seen hundreds of new licensees enter and exit our industry all in one year. Statistics show that 83% of new licensees will end up quitting the business within 18 months. This can obviously happen to anyone, BUT NOT IF YOU FOLLOW THIS MESSAGE.

At Circle100 Real Estate Brokerage we specialize in helping new licensees and struggling agents not just close a few deals to pay some bills, but go to six figures income within 18 months. So what's better? quitting or six figures income? The answer is obvious and it should be. But will everyone become six figure earner? The answer to that question is no, not everyone but those with a strong will and strong drive who choose to follow our training, technology, support systems and accountability coaching will surely go to six figures and beyond.

2 years ago I met a nice guy from NYC who made a move to RI. He reached out to me wondering about getting his license (from one of my ads, yes an ad just like this one). After staying in touch for a few months Elvis Santana, the good looking fellow you see here in the picture, decided to go for it. He registered himself for the online class and within less then 2 months he got licensed in MA and RI (both States are reciprocal and if you have license in one, you can get a reciprocal license in the others and we will help you do that).

Elvis began our mentoring program. 6 months following specific guidelines, learning the system, participating in coaching sessions, and doing the homework with the mentor and the coach, Elvis began closing his first deals. In his first year he managed to close over 10 sales and in his second year he is closing more than 20 sales and already earning six figures income.

Now that's not the only point of the story. What makes his experience even more exciting is the fact that Elvis is doing real estate PART TIME! Yes, he began his real estate career as a stay home Dad and now after 2 years with Circle100 he managed to get his wife quit her full time job and join him on this beautiful journey. Together the Santana family is on a journey to thrive into top producing Husband and Wife Team. We are very proud of their commitment to their success. There is NOTHING we like more than helping serious driven individuals to go to six figures and beyond and it is what we do best.

It's important to mention that during these 2 years we also worked with other new licensees who had different outcomes. Some of them closed just a few sales, others we let go of for lack of commitment and lack of action. The reality is only 17% of people have what it takes to become successful in this entrepreneurial business and joining the right company is a HUGE part of becoming successful. If you decide to join a company that doesn't have the foundation to mentor you, to train you, to coach you and keep you focused on your goals, making sure you develop new skills and getting rid of old habits and installing new ones, if you company doesn't have systems and the support you'll need, you won't be experiencing a lot of success.

Do we take everyone on board?

This is a good question. We used to take everyone, but we realized it was a mistake. Since it takes a lot of effort, time, money and attention to train a new or a struggling agent, we are now only seeking to help self driven individuals who can prove they experienced successes in their past, not necessarily in business but in their life in general, in school, in sports, in anything. Success in anything shows an individual has the self discipline and the stamina to stay the course. Real estate sales can make you financially free, but for that you'll need to be fully committed, not for a few weeks or months but for the time it takes to build the skills necessary to build a top producer production level.

Can anyone succeed?

The answer is Yes and no. It depends. Here are some of the things you'll need in order to become successful:

  • Self discipline

  • Self motivation

  • Strong drive

  • Integrity

  • Consistency

  • Specific goals you are super excited about

  • Strong hunger for success

  • A positive mindset

  • The ability to be coachable and follow instructions

  • The stamina to keep on going even when the going is hard

  • A large center of influence

  • The willingness to get up at 5am

  • The ability to do things you don't like doing

These are things we can not teach or train you to have. You have em' or you don't. If you don't have em' it will be impossible to get you to six figures and we won't be able to bring you on board. But if you checked positive on all of these points then you surely have what it takes to go to six figures and beyond, and you are ready to get on board and begin your path to six figures income.

Reach out to me at if you feel ready for this new journey and you are ready to begin immediately. In 2022 my goal is to help 22 agents reach six figures income. If you are a new licensee or an existing agent who struggle, if you are looking to go from 5 to over 25 deals, let's schedule some time to chat on zoom and see if we can align and begin working together. Circle100 is now licensed in RI, MA and NY. Agents from all 3 States can take advantage of what we offer. Here is a short list of what you should expect when coming onboard:

  • The best AI technology and marketing system in the industry

  • AI-Powered CRM with phone dialer and connection to MLS

  • A Personal IDX website and social media marketing tools

  • Lead generation machine to make sure you always have leads

  • Hands on training and mentoring to guide you through every step of the way

  • Strong accountability and weekly group coaching sessions

  • Broker support 24/7

  • Transaction coordinator services to speed up your closings

  • Get paid quickly for all your closings with Veem

These are just some of the things we offer. In addition to all of these systems and tools, we provide each agent with a DISC personality assessment coaching session to determine your style and marketing approach. Once we have your assessment we then match our training to your specific style. This is one thing we do better than any other company. We don't just train you, we tailor the training to your specific style.

2022 is here. Let's make it your best year ever.

Ran Biderman


Circle100 Real Estate Brokerage

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