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Why Should Realtors in RI Seek 100% Commission Split Brokerage

A realtor may choose a 100% commission split brokerage for several reasons, including:

  1. Higher Earnings: With a 100% commission split, realtors get to keep all of their commission, instead of sharing a portion of it with the brokerage. This can lead to higher earnings potential for the realtor, especially if they are successful in closing many deals.

  2. Flexibility: 100% commission split brokerages offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling, work hours, and other factors that can be important for realtors who want to work on their own terms. Realtors may also have more control over their marketing and branding, allowing them to build their own personal brand within the brokerage.

  3. No Desk Fees: Some brokerages charge desk fees, which are fees that realtors must pay to cover the cost of office space and other amenities. At Circle100, 100% commission split brokerage, realtors don't pay any fees, which helps them keep a significant amount of money in their pocket. There are no monthly fees, no E&O fees, no desk fees, no royalty fees, no training fees, no coaching fees. Everything is included in the premier agent program.

  4. No Mandatory Meetings: Some brokerages require realtors to attend mandatory meetings or training sessions, which can take up valuable time. With Circle100, a 100% commission split brokerage, realtors may have more freedom to decide which meetings or training sessions to attend.

  5. Entrepreneurial Spirit: Realtors who choose a 100% commission split brokerage may be attracted to the entrepreneurial spirit of the brokerage. These brokerages may offer more support and resources for realtors who want to build their own businesses and brands, which can be appealing for realtors who are ambitious and driven.

Overall, a 100% commission split brokerage can be a good choice for realtors who want more control over their earnings and work schedule, and who value the flexibility and independence that comes with working for themselves. However, it's important to carefully evaluate any brokerage before making a decision, to ensure that it aligns with your goals and values as a realtor.

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