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About Circle100.

We are a distinguished boutique real estate brokerage, centrally located in East Providence, Rhode Island, with a specialized focus on residential and commercial real estate in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our discerning team is dedicated to delivering tailored and expert services to meet your specific real estate needs, ensuring a seamless and highly personalized experience for all your property transactions.

Our Real Estate Services


Single Family, Condos, Townhouses and Luxury Homes

Our unwavering commitment is to provide exemplary service to both prospective home buyers and sellers. Our Realtors boast extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise, enabling them to support individuals in the real estate market, irrespective of their financial constraints. Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation.



and small Investments

We specialize in the sale of multifamily homes in RI and MA for residential or investment purposes. With a proven track record of successfully selling hundreds of such properties in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we possess the requisite experience and expertise to skillfully navigate you through the entire process.


Apartment buildings, mixed use, office buildings, hotels, land development, medical, retail, light industrial, warehouses.

Boasting 25 years of experience in facilitating commercial real estate deals in RI and MA, we've navigated numerous successful transactions across the New England region. Our dedication lies in supporting investors, buyers, and sellers in these markets. Our expertise encompasses a full spectrum of services, including strategic marketing, precise pricing evaluations, offer formulation, negotiations, and comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process. If you're exploring the purchase or sale of commercial properties in RI or MA, count on our expert assistance.


Our Commercial Division

Lead by Ran Biderman

A top producing real estate broker and mentor with Hundreds of commercial real estate transactions in New England Region.


Avoid Speculations.

Collaborate With A Pricing Strategy Advisor!

Engaging the services of a Pricing Strategy Advisor before buying or selling real estate in RI and MA can yield substantial savings, potentially amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.

Is The Price Right?

Selling A Property

SRS seller representative specialists

Qualified and committed to helping you achieve a successful transaction.


What you can expect

  • Guidance through each step of the selling process.

  • A customized real estate marketing strategy specific to your property to attract interest and qualified buyers.

  • An objective evaluation of competing and sold properties in RI and MA to determine a realistic and optimum list price.

  • Understanding of real estate contracts to make sure we represent your interests.

  • Experienced real estate negotiator who can collaborate with a variety of cooperating real estate agents of all skill levels to ensure the best possible outcome for your sale.

  • Navigate the paperwork so you understand options and ramifications. Find solutions to any potential obstacles.

  • Adherence to a strict real estate rules and Code of Ethics.

  • A Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) is member of an elite group of trained seller advocates. Your trusted advisor when it matters most.

Empty Commercial Space


Selling Residential

At Circle100, we've successfully concluded over 1,000 real estate transactions and home sales in Rhode Island. Our expertise lies in selling properties at optimal prices and seamlessly relocating clients to their next desired destination.

To understand the current market value of your home kindly click below to receive a complimentary market analysis from one of our Pricing Strategy Advisors (PSA).


Selling Commercial

Under the leadership of Ran Biderman, our commercial division boasts extensive experience in selling commercial properties within the New England Region.


If you are considering the sale of your commercial property and wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of its value, along with insights on the strategies to optimize its sale and maximize the price, please click below.

For Buyers & Investors


Residential Homes

Whether you're a first-time buyer, relocating, downsizing, or upgrading, our residential experts are here to help. We assist in finding your ideal home, scheduling showings, making offers, negotiating, and managing the closing process.


Multifamily Homes

For those seeking a multifamily home, whether for residence, rental income, or investment purposes, our team is ready to assist.

We'll help you locate, negotiate, and guide you through the entire transaction process.



We assist investors and users in property location, showings, negotiations, and the entire transaction process. Additionally, we can facilitate connections with local financing specialists, real estate attorneys, inspectors, property management services, architects, and more.

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