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100% Commissions, All Inclusive.

Choosing the right brokerage is key for success in real estate.


At Circle100, we offer an all-inclusive program with the lowest CAP payment and no fees. You'll receive everything you need to grow your business, along with flexible payment options.


Explore further details below.

Real estate agent

Our Platforms and Services

Our Annual CAP & Fees

You Keep 100% Commissions on all your deals! No Exception!

There are No Monthly Fees!

No Franchise Fees!

No Royalty Fees!

No Training Fees!

No Coaching Fees!

No Desk Fees!

No E&O Fees! 

Annual CAP is only $6,000 with flexible payment options, plus $100 per closing. That's it!


*Everything we offer is all inclusive and there are no other bills to pay.


At Circle100 we believe agents should keep 100% of their hard-earned commissions. That is why we pay all of our Premier Agents 100% commissions on all their deals. Working here is better than owning your own brokerage. 


Our transactions management software is an easy to use paperless technology, allowing you to manage your business on the go with built-in CRM and an E-Signature capabilities.


We provide our associates with access to a master coach and a member of the ICF (international coaching federation). When joining our company you get a quarterly 1 on 1 business planning and accountability sessions, as well as weekly group coaching sessions and a yearly business consultation. The cost of coaching is already included in your annual fee. 


NAR research reveals 83% of Realtors end up quitting the business. The # 1 reason for this failure is: Lack of support! That is why at Circle100 our Broker and admins are always available to answer any question you might have and provide guidance and direction no matter the subject. Available services include professional transaction coordinator, an office director and marketing support staff. 


we remove all guess work! At Circle100 we take training and mentoring very seriously. We offer top of the line live training bootcamps, online training events, YouTube video library, a copy of the "Bang-Up Real Estate Agent" book, and the ability to shadow successful experience agents throughout the mentoring program.


At Circle100, our aim is to ensure your profitability! That's why we invest in a business coach who meets with you every quarter. Together, we review your business plan and results to ensure you're on the right track!

Wilfredo Hernandez

Circle100 is a great place to start your real estate career or for seasoned agents. It's a place where you are taught systems and realtor behaviors that lead you to getting more business and helping your community. At Circle you'll always have the support from seasoned agents, brokers and a coach whenever you need.

Wilfredo Hernandez, Premier Agent, Circle100.

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