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Discover unparalleled opportunities in the hotel market with Circle100 Commercial Division, a leading specialist in hotels and motels sales across Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our dedicated team offers tailored services designed to optimize value for both sellers and investors. With extensive expertise and deep market insights, we assist sellers in achieving top-dollar sales while empowering investors to identify lucrative investment prospects in the dynamic hospitality sector. Trust Circle100 to navigate the intricacies of hotel transactions and deliver exceptional results aligned with your business objectives.

Our Expertise

Experience unparalleled opportunities in the hotel and motel market with Circle100 Commercial Division, specializing in hotel and motel sales across Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


Our tailored services include strategic planning, comprehensive marketing campaigns, personalized sales outreach, and detailed reporting to ensure optimal positioning in the market. We cultivate relationships with real estate owners and developers to enhance client service capabilities. Utilizing advanced technology, we provide thorough progress analysis, interactive feedback, and actionable recommendations for clients buying or selling hotels in MA and RI.


As the workforce undergoes demographic shifts, businesses are reevaluating workspace design, and hotels have become collaborative hubs. Our specialists possess the expertise to navigate this dynamic landscape and offer proactive solutions throughout the transaction process. Whether securing properties to optimize business operations or identifying lucrative investment opportunities, trust Circle100 Commercial Division for tailored solutions aligned with your objectives.

Selling or Buying A Hotel?

We are looking forward to service your commercial real estate needs. Please click to contact us.

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