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10 Reasons Homeowners Should List With A Realtor

Many homeowners contemplate this thought and rightly so. Selling a home is a stressful process and paying high real estate fees is a big concern especially for homeowners that don't have a lot of equity in the property and they need every dollar to help cover their mortgage, closing costs, moving costs and relocating. But with all that in mind, it is extremely important for homeowners to understand the benefits of hiring a real estate professional to list their home with. Statistics show that homeowners who choose to list, get on average 8% more than selling by owner. How is that possible?

Lets examine the following 10 reasons why hiring a professional real estate agent is the right choice for most homeowners:

  1. Marketing expertise: One of the main reasons to hire a real estate agent is marketing and exposure. Realtors have access to a wide range of marketing tools and resources that can help sell a property quickly and for the best price.

  2. Pricing expertise: A market expert who conducts Comparative Market Analysis studies (CMA) on daily basis to determine a fair and accurate price for properties, can help you determine the price to help you maximize exposure and bring in serious buyers who are ready and able to make an offer. Pricing correctly is a key component to sell quickly and for top dollar.

  3. Local market knowledge: Most real estate agents have a deep understanding of the local real estate market, which can help them market your property to the right buyers and create competition.

  4. Negotiation skills: Most real estate agents are trained to negotiate on behalf of their clients and they keep a fiduciary relationship which protects the homeowner during negotiations and help homeowners get the best possible price for their property. A homeowner selling by owner has a huge disadvantage when negotiating for themselves and often say the wrong things at the wrong time. Using a professional agent who can negotiate on your behalf is by far a better choice.

  5. Networking: Successful agents have a wide network of contacts in the real estate industry, including other agents and potential buyers, which can help find the right buyer for a property and create competition and increase offers.

  6. Paperwork and legal expertise: Agents handle all the paperwork and legal details involved in the sale of a property, which can save homeowners time, money and a lot of stress.

  7. Staging and presentation: Good real estate agents can provide you with a solid advice on how to stage and present your property to make it more attractive to buyers. Top Realtors would be able to offer you a professional stager to help stage your home, remove clutter and dress up the home to sell quicker.

  8. Convenience: Listing with an agent means that homeowners don’t have to handle the selling process themselves, which can be time-consuming and stressful. Time is money and if a homeowner can focus on their own job/business instead of taking extra time off to deal with selling their home, that is by itself a huge benefit.

  9. Professionalism: Real estate agents are licensed and insured professionals, which can give homeowners peace of mind that the sale of their property is in good hands.

  10. Faster sale: Most real estate agents have the resources and expertise to sell a property quickly, which can be especially important for homeowners who need to move on to a new home or location.

Knowing the facts about selling a home and understanding the benefits of listing with a professional real estate agent is important. If you are selling your home and contemplating listing it with a real estate agent, remember that not paying a commission or paying a low commission is not necessarily going to put more money in your pocket.

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