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Here Are Some Of The Mistakes Realtors Do Daily (that cost them minimum $10,000 a year)

Here are 20 mistakes realtors do daily (that cost them minimum $10,000 a year):

1. They wake up late.

2. They eat heavy greasy food for breakfast.

3. They avoid exercising.

4. They don't prospect.

5. They don't follow up.

6. They spend too much time on social media.

7. They go to sleep late.

8. They so round themselves with negative people!

9. They avoid reading self improvement books.

10. They check emails too often.

11. They don't have specific goals written down.

12. They wing their presentations.

13. They avoid practicing and roleplaying scripts.

14. They don't improve their sales skills.

15. They don't preview enough properties.

16. They don't have a website and social media platform.

17. They avoid meditation/prayer.

18. They complain too often and lack gratefulness.

19. They don't have a productive schedule.

20. They don't take constructive criticism very well.

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