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5 Daily Activities All Top Producers Have In Common. 

Say one of your main goals in 2017 is accelerating your real estate sales production and grow your past clients list, check this list and make it yours.

Most top producers have these 5 key activities in common. 

1. Exercising first thing in the morning. We aren't talking running a marathon here, we're talking about 20-30 minutes of hardcore cardio exercise to remove anxiety and tension. Doing it daily before you start your day is an assurance for better performance, better health, stamina, and great attitude. 

2. Review your daily goals. Oh wait, do you write daily goals? (top producers have their goals written down: yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily). Reviewing first thing in the morning will keep you focused on what's important to grow your business instead of what's urgent. We all know, falling behind is directly the cause of attending urgencies too often. While reviewing your goals list and what's important, take 5 minutes and meditate on it. Visualize the actualize of the your desires and feel grateful. 

3. Prospecting. Yeah I know most people hate that word. But then again, most people fail and quit. Prospecting is for top producers. If you wish to become one, learn to like it. After all, it's THE # 1 success attributing activity. Focus on calling 10 past clients and circle of influence (if you don't have past clients, more reasons for you to start prospecting), call every fsbo in your area (we suggest going 20-30 mile radius), call/door knock ALL daily Expireds in your area, call for rent signs (these can easily convert to for sale listings as well as investors looking for more rental properties). 

The rule here is, offer your service, ask for business, promote your brand and what you stand for that separate you from the mass. 

4. Follow Up. Top producers understand the importance of it and they normally do it more (and therefore better) than their competition. The follow up process (in my production days) is what got me most of my listings and devotion of investors and clients. Most agents don't follow up if they feel the slightest rejection. That's why top producers are 5-10% of the agents population. If you are not trained to take rejection as a sign of interest, you will fail. You must understand, when sellers reject you it normally has NOTHING to do with you. Got it? I sure hope you can get over rejection quickly and if you aren't capable, I suggest you start practicing it sooner than later. Barbara Corcoran always says, the successful top producers are those who learn quickly how to take rejection and stay motivated or even better, uplift motivation. 

5. Perfecting communication skills. The easiest way to do this is to RolePlay scripts on a daily basis (30 minutes is enough). Doing it with a partner who can challenge you is important. You should memorize what to say in every situation. This will allow you to handle every rejection you get (by the way, there are about 10 rejections, more or less, that keep repeating by all sellers/buyers, learn them, practice them daily, get ready). 

This process will assure you are setting yourself apart from the mediocre. Practicing a canned presentation is by far the most important of all RolePlaying activities. It is your listing presentation that gets you listings as well as getting your butt on the phone prospecting. Think about it, if your listing presentation is super duper, you will get more listings. Practicing and RolePlaying your listing presentation is a daily activity for all top performing realtors. 

Feel free to Comment below and share these 5 activities with your colleagues. 

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