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Are You Using Your Sundays? Or Wasting Them?

Many self made millionaires and billionaires, when interviewed, mentioned that they are using their Sundays to reflect on last weeks production activities, to learn what works and what doesn't, to rejuvenate, reprogram, redesign their action plan, rewrite goals & plan the week ahead.

Its Sunday. What are you doing on your Sunday's?

Are you investing them or wasting them?

Are you reflecting, looking at what you did last week that you shouldn't have done and realizing what makes you money and what doesn't?

Long time ago I chose to ignore what doesn't matter. I focused on growing, stepping out of my comfort zone, learn from others successes and failures and pay attention to what I do, examined if it worked or not. What works for me I invest in, what doesn't work I erase or innovate.

Although for most Realtors, Sunday is known for a great time to do open houses, take buyers out, go preview for sale by owners, I never did that. I chose to do what the self made millionaires and billionaires said they do (written above). Denying myself of doing what every other realtor is doing is exactly what separated me from the competition and helped me get 10+ listings a month. I was planning ahead and looking forward to own my business and not to enslave myself to the business. As we all know, real estate can and will take your life away if you allow it to.

So, its Sunday...What are you scheduled to do today? Are you separating yourself from competition and following what the millionaires and billionaires set up for themselves, or are you enslaving yourself to your business? Are you doing whats important or instead attending emergencies?

If you are a beginner, a new licensee, or a struggling agent, you might say to yourself: "I can not afford to think like a millionaire or billionaire while I am struggling to pay my bills", you are right. As long as you're struggling to pay bills, your mind is not clear enough to focus on what really makes you money. I have been there myself, many times. I know that these exact thoughts are what kept me from growing my business. These thoughts are enslaving most agents to the business. Most agents never have time for anything. They're always busy busy, but still, always struggling to pay bills.

Do you see a pattern here? Most agents are super busy, denying what can really make a positive change for them and instead they attend emergencies and urgencies and completely neglect what matters. Statistics show us that most agents (over 85%) are closing less than 4 sales a year on average. So how come they're so busy busy, but at the same time barely close sales and struggle to make ends meet?

That's because most agents (accept the top 3%, the game changers who close more than 50 sales a year) are too busy to make money. They run around doing what an assistant should do. They focus on things that really don't matter (especially not at their stage), social media, sending flyers and emails, and do open houses and work with unqualified/unmotivated shoppers, they do everything but the stuff that really makes realtors rich and famous.

Here is a short list of what top producers do on Sundays:

  • Spending time with family and friends

  • Relaxing, rejuvenating, chilling, having fun

  • Meditating, praying, visualizing

  • Spending quality time on hobbies

  • Going out

  • Reading and reflecting on last week's goals

  • Writing goals for the upcoming week

  • Finding what didn't work last week and why and writing solutions for it

  • Understanding what stopped them last week from doing what matters

  • Asking important questions like: "what activity made me the most money last week"? or which activities should I eliminate this coming?

  • Writing ways to eliminate distractions

  • Delegating tasks to an assistant, attorneys, mortgage brokers etc

  • Preparing the week ahead (who to call, follow up, scheduling important A activities)

  • Reading books

  • Reading important industry articles

  • Self development studies

Going to the next level, growing, expending is not going to happen by itself. It requires full attention, a commitment to do what you don't really feel like doing, sometimes you must takes risks and do what is scary for you in the moment, stepping outside your comfort zone. But no matter what you decide to do, always remember you are the captain of your life. What you focus on grows. Insanity is doing the same things every time while expecting to get different results. If you wish to grow, find someone else who already did it and remove your ego and allow yourself to learn from those who already achieved what you wish to have.

Happy Sunday :)

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