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Diminishing Our Sense Of Entitlement Can Magically Attract More Prosperity

We all feel entitled, some of us more than others, but rest assure we all naturally tend to believe we're entitled. We feel entitled at work, at home, with our parents, children, friends, colleagues, bosses, partners, government, etc. 

So what is entitlement?

The short definition is: the fact of having a right to something. 

Reflect for a moment...what do you feel entitled to in this very moment, at work? At home? With a friend? a family member? Partner? Etc.

Ask yourself: 

Why do I feel entitled to/for __________? 

What is it that makes me feel entitled for ________?

Feeling entitled is the exact opposite of feeling grateful. It's when we believe we deserve to receive because we did something which we feel qualifies us to receive. 

The fact is, the more we feel entitled, the less we receive! It's the feeling of gratefulness that attracts more prosperity into our lives not entitlement. 

Entitlement is the cause of greed, jealousy, arguments, fights, war, hate, anger, frustration, and negativity. 

So in the next few weeks/months try to focus on eliminating the feeling of entitlement and deminish it completely. Replace it with the feeling of gratefulness. The more you'll remove, the more magical your life will get. 

Good luck and share your thoughts below :) 

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