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Is Your Personality Holding You Back From Doing More Real Estate Deals?

I meet realtors on a daily basis. On average I meet around 20 new agents per week and come across thousands on my social media. 

Lately I have been realizing that many real estate agents and brokers are losing business because they're too intimidated too quickly, for no reason! 

I mean, what is it about a salesperson who's afraid to build new relationships and have phone conversations with new prospects?

What is it about realtors who ask a prospect to first give them some information via text or email (before calling them)? 

This new phenomenon is happening mainly with Millenials and it is really absurd and not very intelligent (unless your goal is to lose clients and decrease production). 

Let's be brutally honest and make a strong statement to those so called "salespeople". Selling real estate is about SELLING. In a sales process, the first step and most important skill to develop is: COMMUNICATION (meaning actual talking and verbalizing real sounding words). 

Now, I know that nowadays we're using texts and other similar forms to communicate, but rest assure, it is an awful way to start a relationship if/when you resuqest a prospect to communicate with you via text and tell you what they're looking for before you spend some time talking (face to face or over the phone). After all, if you're not into conversing with people over the phone or face to face, real estate is absolutely not for you and you should contemplate quitting. 

I can promise you that if the first time a prospect is trying to contact you, you're going to ask them to text/email you and type their life story in a text, you will lose that prospect to the next agent who's not too "busy" and is willing to spend time talking and getting to know the prospect needs. 

In case you are one of those "professional texters" I've got a few quick questions for you: 

Are you too proud to learn something new?

Are you too busy to make time to make money? 

Are you scared of confrontations?

Are you scared of being rejected?

Do you feel too proud to use scripts?

Are you judgemental and jump to fast conclusions? 

Do you feel like a "know it all"? 

If you answered yes to one of these questions, feel free to share the reasons you decided to become a real estate salesperson in the first place and let's discuss solutions for you. 

Success in real estate comes to those that are willing to develop their communication skills on a daily basis, not to those who avoid real conversations. 

You agree? Good. 

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