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Don't Walk Around Purposeless

Our purpose sets our priority and our priority determines the productivity our actions produce.

How do you prioritize your life? Your business? 

Do you have a purpose? A mission? Something specific you are going after? 

Our industry is full of individuals seeking financial freedom, or a way to supplement their income so they could live a more prosperous life. But is that a real purpose? 

Studying the path to success, when you look closely at what it takes to achieve high levels of success, you will find purposeful action, someone leading a career, a company, a country, and that individual has a strong purpose allowing them to laser focus on one major target and do what it takes. But not everyone lives their life on purpose. Many people give up on their "dreams" at a very young age. This can happen by watching others who give up and realizing giving up is an option, or by having unsupportive environment (parents, teachers, friends, etc). So naturally by giving up on dreams, many individuals tend to live life without a purpose, aimlessly, many start to believe they don't have what it takes to achieve greatness and they simply choose to give up. 

A purpose is a strong drive, a burning desire, something you wish to accomplish, become, do or have so strongly that you're willing to put aside everything else and go on a mission. 

I remember my decision to become a real estate agent. I was 23 years old. At the time I was working many hours as a foreman in a moving company, going to work at 5am, coming back home after 9pm. Long painful days. Until one day I asked my neighbor what he did for a living and how much he made. He was a rental agent in a local real estate agency in Midtown Manhattan, making $5k to $8k a month, working 8 hours a day (max). So I did my math and made a decision to get my license. I was hungry. I was determined. I was on purpose. That experience put me on a mission to achieve financial freedom, making sure I'll never need to work in a moving company ever again. 

Shortly after getting my license I was laser focused on acquiring the skills needed to become a listing agent, I was working more hours than anyone else in my office, I made more cold calls than anyone else in my office and 6 months later I closed my first commercial deal and made over $60k in commission. That set the stage for my career. I made a decision to go after some seriously big goals and I put myself on purpose. My purpose helped me stay the course, continue when the going was hard. 

Our purpose sets our priority and our priority determines the productivity our actions produce. When you are on purpose and your actions are focus on accomplishing the purpose, you can work less and gain more. 

What's your purpose? 

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