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RI Real Estate Market Statistics For March 2017

Is it a good time to sell? 

When RI real estate owners contemplate selling their home, one of the most important steps is to know the timing. Timing is everything in life and in real estate. 

For the RI real estate market, 2017 is al all about good news for sellers with a slight increase in average price range comparing to 2016. 

Let's look at some of the stats:

725 New Listings 736 Homes SOLD 80 Expired Listings 611 Pending Plus 534 homes AU (under attorney review)

Less than 70 days on the market on average 

So what does it mean?

For RI realtors, that means good news! The market is moving quickly and prices are strong and selling very close to asking price. This is a great time to focus solely on getting listings. Visit our offices to understand how you can take advantage of our 100% commission split programs and training. 

For RI home sellers, that means good news! The market is ready if you are. This is absolutely a good time for you to sell your home. Make sure you choose a professional agent with a good marketing strategy and price your home correctly. Pricing is super important in this kind of a market. Be competitive. Make sure your agent knows every active home listed in your neighborhood and price your home accordingly.

For RI home buyers, this market is a bit competitive but with 700+ homes coming on the market every month, that still gives you a good selection. In addition, mortgage rates are still low and affordable. 

Make sure to work with an experienced agent who knows how to negotiate on your behalf and more importantly, choose someone who knows the market and works for your benefit. 

Feel free to comment below. 

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