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Are You Willing To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone? (Real Estate Study)

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and each time expecting different results. If you seek success but can not reach, if you're still on your way to it but its far from reach, maybe its time to consider making a few change. Change your attitude, change your schedule, change what you do, change how you do it, change who you do it with, change things. But for things to change, we must change first.

In a recent coaching session I conducted for agents who close 5-20 deals a year, I asked the participants to share their schedule, what time they wake up, what time they get to work, what they do once they get there, what activities they're focused on. No matter the production level, all the participants were sharing similar activities, mostly unproductive activities or what we call B, C & D activities. All, with no exception were avoiding A activities (A activities are actions directly connected to money making results: Prospecting (finding qualified sellers appointments), lead follow up (to book appointments), prequalifying the appointments, Conducting listing presentations, negotiating contracts, role playing and previewing properties).

At the end of the training day, I introduced a typical top producer schedule. The same schedule I was using when I closed 80+ transactions a year, the same schedule top producing agents around the country follow closing 100, 150, 200 and 250 transactions a year.

Its a simple schedule focused around A activities 80% of each day, 6 days a week and I asked them to follow it for 60 days straight. 60 days. Only 60 days. Here is what actually happened:

Most of them never started this schedule. They simply went back into their old habits, scared of making a commitment to change (but I bet they're expecting things to change for them). others, who started the schedule, fell short in the first few days and then went back into their old habits.

Although ALL OF THEM attended the training, none of them was willing to do what it takes to become a top producer. Some of them aren't making enough money to support their current life style (let alone the life style they wish to experience).

So, what's up with that?

Why most people are afraid to make a change?

Why stepping outside the comfort zone is so scary?

It's simple. Only 5%-10% of us are hungry enough to achieve high levels of success and willing to do what it takes, willing to change, willing to learn and try new ways. The rest (90%) aren't willing and will never get to achieve high levels of success. It's that simple.

2 people arrive to a training session. One is willing to do whatever it takes to LEARN what's needed to be successful. The other is willing to do whatever it takes to DO what's needed. Which of the two will win?

Which of the two are you?

What are you doing different in order to change your results?

What are you willing to give up in order to step forward?

What is your definition of a "comfort zone"?

What are you doing daily to expend your comfort zone?

I can hand you a winning formula. Actually I did just that. I recorded 28 videos (2 welcome instructions and 26 instructional videos) explaining exactly what you'll need to do to achieve 50+ transactions a year and add 20+ deals to your current production on a consistent basis. I am giving you these videos for free. All you gotta do is simply watch and get in action. Watch 1 video per week, for 26 weeks and you will cover every segment of whats needed to become a successful top producer in your local market (no matter which market you're in) and in 26 weeks, if you DO what I guide you to do step by step, you'll poses the knowledge needed to close 50+ deals a year.

Will you do it?

Are you in the 5%-10%? Or are you in the 90%?

Who are you?

Who do you choose to be in this very moment?

Looking forward to your comments here below.

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