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Can Everyone Achieve Success In Real Estate? Yes. Everyone Can. But Not Everyone Will. Discover Why.

Top athletes, renowned doctors & professors, martial artists, actors, business tycoons, novel writers are set apart from the massive amount of "wannabe's". A closer look will quickly give us a clue to what ingredient sets them all apart from the rest.

Can you guess what it is?

When I created Circle100, after being in the real estate industry for 20+ years, after coaching and training agents for more than 10 years, after conducting hundreds of training events and building brokerages, I've spent countless hours on the real difference between the elite best and the rest and I realized something unique that sets apart these groups.


Being thorough in everything they do, going the extra mile to discover their limits, their highest and lowest points, to push themselves when it seams there is no more roomful improvement they kept on going forward, the countless failures and disappointments, falling, getting up, falling jumping up, giving huge pieces of themselves.

Giving 100% of themselves, 100% of the time! No exceptions!

I invite you to investigate those around you, the ones you consider extremelysuccessful. What traits do they posses that others in their field do not?

What is it about them that makes them surpass everyone else in their field?

Being thorough means you are consistent, you are persistent, it means you go the extra mile when the going is hard, when you feel it's impossible, every time In every single situation, being devoted to excellence, devoted to a process, devoted to your dream.

If you haven't achieved your desired destination, look back and examine your behaviors in the present and in the past and you will clearly have the answer to why you're not where you wish to be at this very moment. Every failure you ever experienced will somehow connect to the lack of thoroughness.

I wish to challenge you, if you're willing to be challenged and if you truly seek to create a breakthrough in all areas of life.

To do:

Choose one thing, could be your relationship with your spouse, or children, could be your financial situation, your business, your craft, whatever it is, choose ONE THING.

Once you made your choice, create a list of the top 5 things you KNOW will get you closer to achieving the ONE THING if you take action then write them down.

Once you write them down, rate yourself on scale of 1-10 (be brutally honest, 1 means you suck at it, 10 means you're outstanding). When the list is in front of you, choose the ONE THING you'll need to immediately impact the results you need. Then, make a decision to execute a specific plan to perfect it by repeating it as many times as you need in order to perfect it, to make it yours, to own it. I call it, failing forward. Keep failing at it, over and over until failure turns to success time after time.

Here is an example of the 5 things to master in order to accelerate your real estate production:

1. Prospecting. By prospecting I am talking about having the ability to speak with anyone, at any moment and get them to book an appointment with you: For sale by owners, expired listings, sphere of influence, buyers, investors, door knocking, neighbors etc.

2. Lead follow up. Knowing how to follow up in a way that makes the prospect trust you, and make them feel that they must meet with you before they make a decision to list or buy.

3. Pre-qualify the lead. Using the right language, the right dialog, controlling the conversation to make sure the prospect is motivated and ready to act now.

4. Presenting. When you are at a listing presentation or at a buyers consultation, make every prospect sign an exclusive agreement to work solely with you. That takes skills and building skills can only happen to those who are thorough with the process.

5. Negotiate contracts. Successful negotiations are done by masters as well as the mediocre. In which position do you wish to be? and what will it take for you to become the master negotiator?

Be thorough with your practice, with your study, with your execution.

In real estate, I see time and time again, those that study, practice and rehearse their sales skills, using scripts and dialogs, memorizing handling objections, and do what others find boring (repetitious boredom), these people always win the game, every time!

Fortunately only 5% are thorough with EVERYTHING they do. That is why they lead their field.

Where are you on thoroughness? How can you use thoroughness to improve your results?

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