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Are You Willing To Change?

What is the real difference between the elite top producers and all the rest? How come 5% of real estate agents make more than 85% of the money? The answer to both questions is exactly the same: Those that are willing to do what others don't, will always win! In real estate sales, what needs to be done is very simple, but doing the simple is not always easy. In general the majority of people tend to quit before the finish line, although many quit way before that point (shortly after they start something). The real difference between the elite realtors and the rest is also simple. It's summarized in one single and important word: Consistency. Being able to do simple activities on a regular co

Are You Willing To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone? (Real Estate Study)

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and each time expecting different results. If you seek success but can not reach, if you're still on your way to it but its far from reach, maybe its time to consider making a few change. Change your attitude, change your schedule, change what you do, change how you do it, change who you do it with, change things. But for things to change, we must change first. In a recent coaching session I conducted for agents who close 5-20 deals a year, I asked the participants to share their schedule, what time they wake up, what time they get to work, what they do once they get there, what activities they're focused on. No matter t

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