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How To Sell Your RI Real Estate Faster

When I started my real estate career in 1997 I assumed that the location and condition of a property can effect the speed of selling dramatically. Today, looking back at my experience, after selling more than 1000 properties (commercial as well as residential), I can comfortably say, condition and location are important, but not when it comes to selling faster. I have seen hundreds of properties listed in great locations and in excellent condition but these properties didn't sell fast at all. As a matter of fact many of the Providence homes for sale today (although located in a great area and in excellent condition), expire.

So the conclusion we must all take into consideration (when listing homes in RI or a commercial property for sale) is Price is the only factor in selling real estate fast (especially RI real estate).

If you are a home seller, do yourself a favor, before you list your home, contact one of our listing/pricing specialist and get an accurate pricing vs timing research to understand how important pricing your home to sell is.

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