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It's Time To Relaunch Your Career!

Hi Circlers,

During these days of crisis Circle100 is on a mission to help our agents and associates uplift, motivate and inspire those around us and to positively influence everyone to take action and stay positive. Since everyone is staying home, these days can be utilized to prepare, train, and develop your skills and get ready to Relaunch your business.

Why Relaunch?

The real answer is: What got us here, isn't what's gonna get us there. What's there? there is your ideal future, your goals accomplished and dreams come true. To achieve your ideal outcome and use your real estate license to do so is not as easy as it may sound. If you've been in the business long enough, you already know that becoming a top producer in our business is not a joke! It is a serious path for those who are willing to consistently work on themselves, their business and especially their sales skills. Again, what got us here, isn't what's gonna get us there. If your skills helped you to close 10-30 deals annually in the old days (the old days = Before Covid-19), these skills aren't gonna be enough to bring you the same level of success in the new days (the new days = After Covid-19). Top producers all across the country understand that in order to stay at the top of their game, they must reinvent and relaunch on a regular basis, they must adjust themselves and their business to the new grounds. If you want your business to keep going forward and grow your production, you will need to invest more time in education, discover new ways, understand the quickly changing rules, discover the tools, the language, the lead generating systems and keep updating yourself, your style, your skills. Everything is changing! and if you're not, you'll be left behind!

In times of crisis many homeowners decide to put their home on the market, therefore we nowadays MUST prepare everyone to focus on getting listings and being able to help as many sellers as possible. Real estate sales is a recession proof business niche that always thrives no matter which market we're in (sellers market or buyers market). Those who benefit the most in these times of crisis are prepared, skilled, and extremely devoted to becoming a better version of themselves. That's what we do best @Circle100, prepare you to become a better version of yourself. Some of you are already on track and plugged in, but most of you aren't! I am talking about being coachable, being flexible, keeping an open mind, a willingness to learn and to grow personally and professionally, to invest the time to grow and develop yourselves. At times like this (crisis) it is naturally for people to quit and hide. Hiding and quitting doesn't mean you actually hide or actually quit. It means you choose to NOT grow, NOT be coachable, NOT to listen, NOT to evolve. Between 2008-2011 more than 32% of real estate agents all across America have decided to quit the business (gave up) and 20% of those who decided to stay the course and devote themselves to growing, improving skills, implementing new ways and doubling down on taking action, these agents became financially free between 2012-2020.

So here we are, its April 20th 2020, in the midst of a health crisis and as a result, an economic crisis. What will happen to you? to your business? to your family? How will you come out of this situation totally depends on you and on the decisions you make. Will you continue your old behavior? Will you stay behind doing business the old way? Will you escape your responsibilities to your family, to your business, to yourself? Or will you step UP and take responsibility to up your game?

Circle100 is an opportunity and a home for free minded spirits and those who seek to grow personally and professionally. Although some of our agents mainly care about keeping 100% commissions and doing their own thing, many others are here to get educated, to learn, to grow, to participate, to challenge themselves and go to the next level and then hopefully influence and inspire others to do the same. We invite everyone to take advantage of our weekly training sessions, our weekly group coaching sessions, our ambassadors meetings and the opportunity to build your residual income by helping others and enjoy 50% of the company's revenue. We invite you all to take advantage of our one on one consulting sessions. We invite you to take advantage of our transaction coordination services and (coming soon) our listing management and personal assistance department. We are working on improving and growing our administration department and some new platforms to help you delegate and clear your schedule to focus on generating and converting leads instead of micromanaging your transactions and everything else you're wasting time on. We are also aiming on opening new markets including NY and CT this year G-d's willing.

If someone asked me what is our specialty as a company my answer will be: Making real estate agents more profitable! and the way to achieve that goal is by providing all the above.

Remember, every success is due to personal sacrifice of some sort! Failure on the other hand occurs when people do whatever it takes to stay in their comfort zone. Since nothing in the world is static (unchanging), therefore only 2 paths exist: the first path is growing, the second path is shrinking. If you're not choosing to grow (growth can only exist outside your comfort zone) then you're choosing to shrink. No grey! just black and white. That's why I put a lot of emphasis on education, coaching, training, and consulting as well as holding you accountable. So if you really seek success and prosperity, Stop running away from it! Be brave! get uncomfortable and keep getting uncomfortable! Let us hold you accountable! Show up to the training sessions, watch the videos, do the homework, participate during the sessions, be courteous to your role play partners, show up on time, get excited, invest in yourself, buy the books, read them, talk to your friends about Circle100, be proud, be responsible, work hard, stop seeking instant gratification and invest your time, your sweat, your hard work and devote yourself to greatness.

Being a Circler is about Giving 100% of Ourselves 100% of The Time! It's about helping people, buyers, sellers, agents, colleagues, it's about growing! it's about making sacrifices and being responsible for your success, it's about building better lives all around us and not compromising on mediocrity. We love you all and welcome you all, but if some of you don't feel aligned with our mission, I see no special reason for you to stay on board. It's ok if we lose some agents in order to keep our culture strong! I invite you all to move forward with me and grow our company together. Each of you has an opportunity to participate in the growth and benefit financially like partners (50% of our revenue is shared).

Have a great productive week! and please feel free to reply to this email with your own thoughts and feelings (it's much better than staying silenced).

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