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How Real Estate Agents Can Retire With Income.

It will take you 2 minutes to read this post. I think it's worth it.

I would like to talk to you about an important subject:

How Real Estate Agents Can Retire With Income.

The 1st challenge:

Most real estate agents retire without an alternate income source. When you stop working, or God forbid if you or a family member gets sick, you stop earning (unless you have other income sources).

If you wish to retire with income, say $100K per year residual passive income, how can you earn this money without working?

Let's examine a Real Estate Investment Solution:

The average return on investment for a multi family or a commercial investment property in RI or MA is between 6%-10%. If you want residual income, truly passive (meaning you don't manage or even go to the property), than 6% is more of a realistic number. For $100K per year residual income you will need $1.5 Million in Cash (equity) invested in a property. Reality is, most real estate agents don't have that cash laying around. Do you?

The 2nd challenge:

The average real estate agent saves less than $5,000 a year (actually statistics show that most Americans have less than $600 in savings). If you manage to save $5K per year (which is way above the average family), it will take you 300 years to save $1.5 Million to get $100K residual passive income. Obviously not a feasible plan for most real estate agents.

So how are you going to make $100K Residual? or even $50K Residual? What options do you have in place? Are you thinking about it? you should.

Some of us plan for the future and some live in the moment. Either way, retirement will happen to all of us.

A Circle100 Solution:

On September 1st 2019 we Relaunched Circle100 with an innovative solution for retirement. We named it: "Retire With Income". This option is available for all Circle100 real estate associates who become Ambassadors. I would like to offer this program to you in addition to the other goodies we have in store (100% commissions, transaction coordinator, fast commission payments, advanced commissions, Broker support, training, coaching, mastermind groups and more).

Click here, to schedule a confidential 15 minutes video conference with me and let's talk about how I can help you work on your retirement income while you are building your real estate career.

See you soon :)


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