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Who Are The Game Changers Of The Real Estate Industry?

I met many people during my 20 years in the industry. There are those who go with the trend and adjust themselves to it, there are those who move too slow and always fall behind, and there are those who create trends and move the industry forward, creating the next waves, I call them the game changers. A bit of real estate franchises establishment history: Realty Executives in 1965. Century 21 in 1972. ERA in 1972. Remax in 1975. Coldwell Banker started back in 1982. KW started franchising in 1991. Exit realty in 1999. Sotheby's 2004 Better Homes & Gardens franchise 2008. Today there are many other small to medium size franchises in addition to this list. But if you look closely on all, the

Did You Sharpen Your Skills For 2017?

We are busy doing deals, answering calls, providing customer service, advertising, prospecting, doing presentations, negotiating deals, sending emails, etc. Being a realtor is not a boring job (if you know what you're doing). The challenge is, we go on autopilot many times and behave automatically like robots without paying attention to our performance level. Top producers on the other hand are always sharpening their skills, buying new tools, creating new systems to automate tasks that can be done without them, they delegate and treat their business like a business. Are you? In 2017, your production level will depend mainly on your skills and how well you sharpen them. Its not enough anymor

Discover Why (For Top Producers) Quitting Is Not An Option!

"You have too many options, you need kill your options if you want to succeed",Thats what Mike Ferry told me back in 1999, when I first saw him at the Action workshop in Washington DC. At that time I was very confused because my focus was too wide, I had to narrow it down if I wanted to hit my main target (otherwise quitting was an option). Many times we believe that having options is a good thing, but the reality is, having options actually leave room for failure. Its when we tell ourselves: "It's ok, if this doesn't work I can still do _______________". Success has no tolerance for failure. Failure is simply not on the options list. Subsequently, if we have many options, naturally we make

How The Act Of Being Grateful Can Attract More Greatness Into Your Life

For years I have been looking for a "wealth formula", a different way of behaving, thinking, acting, that will impact my ability to grow my income. I started (and I recommend you to do the same, if you haven't read it already) with the 7 spiritual laws of success by Deepak Chopra. That was my first book in this particular line of thinking. Here are the 7 laws: The law of pure potentiality The Law of Giving The law of “karma” or cause and effect The law of least effort The law of Intention and Desire The law of Detachment The law of “dharma” or purpose in life After reading this book I had many breakthroughs in my understanding of life and I remember clearly the peace I felt by exercising the

Discover How The Ivy Lee Time Management Method Has Made So Many Millionaires 

Time management is a major challenge for many of us, especially when our business is growing. That why it's important to utilize time management systems like the Ivy Lee productivity method. This old productivity system recommends us to close each day by writing down a list of six important things we wish to accomplish in the next day. We must write down each task and list it according to its level of importance. The most important one comes first, the least important, comes last. Your aim is not to tackle every task as soon as possible but to solely focus on completing the first task and only once you've completed the first one we move to the next until we finish the list. During 1918, Ivy

This One "Small" Difference, Can Make You A Millionaire Real Estate Agent!

One of the greatest moments in history (in my opinion), was when G-d gave the ten commandments. I wish to emphasize one commandment in particular. This one has everything to do with the headline and the reason you chose to read this post. Exodus 20:9-10: "Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns". In this portion, we were given the law for prosperity. When I started my career in real estate, I had no money, I was broke. But what I did have was time, and let me tell you,

5 Daily Activities All Top Producers Have In Common. 

Say one of your main goals in 2017 is accelerating your real estate sales production and grow your past clients list, check this list and make it yours. Most top producers have these 5 key activities in common. 1. Exercising first thing in the morning. We aren't talking running a marathon here, we're talking about 20-30 minutes of hardcore cardio exercise to remove anxiety and tension. Doing it daily before you start your day is an assurance for better performance, better health, stamina, and great attitude. 2. Review your daily goals. Oh wait, do you write daily goals? (top producers have their goals written down: yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily). Reviewing first thing in the m

Should You Consider Getting A Real Estate License?

Although the assumption that real estate is an "easy money" solution, let me assure you, it is not. If you were recently fired, or quit a job and you are contemplating getting into the real estate sales industry, bare in mind that those who consistently make 6 figures income, are not to be considered the norm. Statistics show that 75% of new licensees actually end up quitting the business within the first 6 months. The other 25% typically struggle for the first 12-24 months before they establish a part time income with the hopes to reach higher levels of production in the future. Less than 20% of the 25% (which is roughly 5% from the total brand new licensees) will actually manage to reach h

Should Realtors Use Youtube To Build Their Brand?

Many agents approach me with this question, looking for a magic formula to promote their business. Our business is built on the concept of "Who Do You Know?". It's not so much about what you know, but who you know that can make an impact on your bank account. Assuming you don't know anyone (a remark for those agents that always come up with that excuse), you will then must be willing to work harder, study harder, put in more hours, be a lot more dedicated and willing to give up pleasures and leisure time to build your business in a market that knows nothing about you. I'll be honest with you, it is hard and not for everyone. Building a reputation, a brand, takes time and dedication, so if yo

How Following The Rules Can Make You Or Break You

How many people do you know that likes to bend the rules? Some will simply do what THEY believe is the "right thing" to do, ignoring rules. I used to be one of them :) For years I believed that my way is the better way, and let me tell you, I was wrong, big time. Actually I was so wrong that by the time I realized my mistakes, it was too late. My lost was in the 6 figures, just because I ignored simple instructions from those who knew better. Those with experience. So here I m now, sharing my experience with those of you who might read this post and decide to avoid my mistakes and save themselves countless hours and money. A short time after my loses, I read a very important quote written by

How To Sell Eastside Providence Homes Faster

What is it about a home that makes it sell faster than other homes? This question is one of the most asked questions by home sellers around the country these days. There are many great condition homes that are located in good neighborhoods, but yet they're not selling, while other similar homes, similar condition and location are experiencing bidding wars and buyers are willing to over pay above and beyond the asking price. Is it the realtor? Or maybe the Brokerage? Statistics show (regardless of location) that many homes that sell faster all around the country are not necessarily listed by an agent or are listed but by an unknown realtor/brokerage. So what is it really? Homes for sale in Ea

How Top Producing Realtors Prepare For A Listing Presentation (before and during)

Follow these steps: Prequalify your listing presentation (use prequalifying script) and make sure the seller is motivated and ready to list. Send a pre-listing package (one page references, listing plan of action, listing documents filled out with suggested price/commission etc). Preview nearby similar homes before the presentation. Practice/Role-play (out laud) the presentation and handling objections (ahead of time). Dress professionally (look like a million dollar). Get to the sellers house 10-15 minutes before schedule, walk around, take pictures and inspect the outside. Visualize (while in your car) a successful presentation outcome. Go to the door with high energy and a big smile. Firm

Here Are Some Of The Mistakes Realtors Do Daily (that cost them minimum $10,000 a year)

Here are 20 mistakes realtors do daily (that cost them minimum $10,000 a year): 1. They wake up late. 2. They eat heavy greasy food for breakfast. 3. They avoid exercising. 4. They don't prospect. 5. They don't follow up. 6. They spend too much time on social media. 7. They go to sleep late. 8. They so round themselves with negative people! 9. They avoid reading self improvement books. 10. They check emails too often. 11. They don't have specific goals written down. 12. They wing their presentations. 13. They avoid practicing and roleplaying scripts. 14. They don't improve their sales skills. 15. They don't preview enough properties. 16. They don't have a website and social media platform. 1

Which Traits Have Higher Success Ratio (For Realtors)

In recent studies (by NAR) it has been revealed that most realtors who fail, tend to make similar mistakes and/or they lack similar traits. (More than 70% of new licensees tend to quit the business in their first 6 months). Let's quickly mention the most relevant points and help those who struggle to understand what stands in their way. Here are the 4 personality styles and the difference they make on productivity: 1. Analytical. Most analytical personality types tend to over analyze information and they paralyze themselves when its time to take action. They must do everything perfectly and tend to avoid taking action until they believe its perfect. Well, as we all know, Nothing and No-one i

5 Steps Realtors Must Take To Sell Their RI Real Estate Listings Faster

Step 1: Study the market daily. Many realtors are looking to make a quick buck. We at Circle100 are fully devoted to preeminence customer service. That said, we are fully committed to give an accurate free home evaluation study. to every RI home seller we are working with. So how do we do that? We preview, we preview and then we preview some more. Previewing properties is by far the best way to study the real estate market and understand pricing and accuracy. After all, sitting on a computer and looking over a few Zillow or Trulia listings, will never give you an accurate and professional point of view. Also, running a CMA on the local RI MLS will not be as accurate if you don't take the tim

How To Sell Your RI Real Estate Faster

When I started my real estate career in 1997 I assumed that the location and condition of a property can effect the speed of selling dramatically. Today, looking back at my experience, after selling more than 1000 properties (commercial as well as residential), I can comfortably say, condition and location are important, but not when it comes to selling faster. I have seen hundreds of properties listed in great locations and in excellent condition but these properties didn't sell fast at all. As a matter of fact many of the Providence homes for sale today (although located in a great area and in excellent condition), expire. So the conclusion we must all take into consideration (when listing

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