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Did You Sharpen Your Skills For 2017?

We are busy doing deals, answering calls, providing customer service, advertising, prospecting, doing presentations, negotiating deals, sending emails, etc. Being a realtor is not a boring job (if you know what you're doing). The challenge is, we go on autopilot many times and behave automatically like robots without paying attention to our performance level.

Top producers on the other hand are always sharpening their skills, buying new tools, creating new systems to automate tasks that can be done without them, they delegate and treat their business like a business. Are you?

In 2017, your production level will depend mainly on your skills and how well you sharpen them. Its not enough anymore to know people. Each person on average knows at least 2-3 realtors and when its time to buy or sell, they many times will not even contact the realtors they know. Top producers know that, they understand that people have options. Therefore they make it their business to improve their skills and sharpen their communication skills.

Our best and foremost tool in real estate is our sales language. Mastering language requires a lot of practice, roleplaying scripts & dialogs, roleplaying their listing presentation, roleplaying objection handlers, they put themselves daily in situations that require them to improve, they regularly step outside the comfort zone.

So, when you sit down to write your goals for 2017 (which you should do before the year begins), make sure you also focus on sharpening your skills, otherwise you will lose business to your competitors who do sharpen their skills.

I recall many times going into a listing presentation, and the sellers interviewed 2 or 3 agents before me and scheduled more upcoming interviews. In a competitive market, savvy sellers tend not to rely on one opinion and they know they have many options. Therefore, I had to practice my listing presentation every day. To do so, I scheduled it ahead of time with a different roleplay partner for each day of the week. I also wrote on my new year resolution to climb up my communication skills, to study personality styles, to plan my presentation so its always the same (a canned presentation).

Do you do that? Are you roleplaying? if so, good for you!

So, looking forward, how many listings are you planning on taking in 2017?

How many listing presentations will you need to do weekly/monthly/yearly?

How may hours of prospecting will you need to devote daily/weekly/monthly/yearly?

How many contacts will you need to do daily/weekly/monthly/yearly?

How many contracts will you need to write in order to reach your production goal?

These are the kind of questions you'll need to ask yourself before you write your action plan for the year.

If you are planning to climb up the production level in 2017, you better focus on Sharpening your skills.

If you have any questions, feel free to make comments below. Thanks. Now go and write your 2017 business plan.

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