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Is Your Personality Holding You Back From Doing More Real Estate Deals?

I meet realtors on a daily basis. On average I meet around 20 new agents per week and come across thousands on my social media. Lately I have been realizing that many real estate agents and brokers are losing business because they're too intimidated too quickly, for no reason! I mean, what is it about a salesperson who's afraid to build new relationships and have phone conversations with new prospects? What is it about realtors who ask a prospect to first give them some information via text or email (before calling them)? This new phenomenon is happening mainly with Millenials and it is really absurd and not very intelligent (unless your goal is to lose clients and decrease production). Let'

Behind The Realtors Scene

Many naturally assume that real estate associates are making money. But is it so? Industry statistics reveal a different reality. The national association of realtors study shows the average agent in the United States is closing 4 sales per year. In the majority of the country where sales price average is in the $350,000 range, 4 sales will translate to GCI of $35,000 (that's the total commissions paid on 4 sales at $350k price range and a 2.5% commission representing one side, buyer rep or sellers rep). Most agents at that level (4 deals a year) are on an average of 70% commission split, meaning the average agent is receiving a 1099 of about $24,500. Behind the scene, you'll actually find 8

Diminishing Our Sense Of Entitlement Can Magically Attract More Prosperity

We all feel entitled, some of us more than others, but rest assure we all naturally tend to believe we're entitled. We feel entitled at work, at home, with our parents, children, friends, colleagues, bosses, partners, government, etc. So what is entitlement? The short definition is: the fact of having a right to something. Reflect for a moment...what do you feel entitled to in this very moment, at work? At home? With a friend? a family member? Partner? Etc. Ask yourself: Why do I feel entitled to/for __________? What is it that makes me feel entitled for ________? Feeling entitled is the exact opposite of feeling grateful. It's when we believe we deserve to receive because we did something w

Discover Why Avoiding Confrontations is a Sure Way To Fail in Today's Real Estate Market

What are you so afraid of? That thought is running through my mind almost every time I see realtors avoiding the most productive activity: Prospecting. So what is it about prospecting that is so repelling? And how come most realtors try to avoid it at all cost? We can analyze this until the end of time, but instead let's take a quick look at some real industry ratios and draw our conclusion accordingly: Over75% of new licensees quit the business within their first 6 months. Only 25% of those who survive this period actually make a livingout of it. 5% of those whosurvive it actually thrive in it and become top producers, making more than 85% of the income in the industry. The 75% avoid prospe

Why Top Producing Real Estate Agents Swim Naturally In Unfamiliar Water And How They Behave In Real

How do you feel about feeling uncomfortable? More than 90% of realtors around the world perform inside their comfort zone, which is exactly why only 5% -10% of realtors ever become top producers. Let me share a real experience that will easily point out the important pieces of the puzzle. When I first went to a Mike Ferry event, there were roughly 3,000 real estate agents and brokers there (for those of you who don't know Mike, he's been the leading coach/trainer in our industry for the last 40 years). Walking around the huge conference room, you could sense different energies and different levels of professionalism. Many people (sitting in the back) were not dressed up for a business confe

5 Super Simple Tricks for Getting Way More Listings

1. Know who the decision-makers are and their motives. Before you schedule your presentation, make sure to ask who’s involved in the decision-making process, what they intend to do after the sale, and how long they wish the process to take. Failing to find out this key information prior to presenting can easily be the death of your sale. There’s nothing worse than getting to the house, only to learn there’s half a dozen people you’ve never even heard of who have to approve the decision. This huge pitfall can be easily avoided simply by asking your prospects about the decision-making process up front. 2. Know and focus on your value proposition. You must focus on the real value of what you of

Are You Using Your Sundays? Or Wasting Them?

Many self made millionaires and billionaires, when interviewed, mentioned that they are using their Sundays to reflect on last weeks production activities, to learn what works and what doesn't, to rejuvenate, reprogram, redesign their action plan, rewrite goals & plan the week ahead. Its Sunday. What are you doing on your Sunday's? Are you investing them or wasting them? Are you reflecting, looking at what you did last week that you shouldn't have done and realizing what makes you money and what doesn't? Long time ago I chose to ignore what doesn't matter. I focused on growing, stepping out of my comfort zone, learn from others successes and failures and pay attention to what I do, examined

It's Proven. Committing Goals Into Writing Can Improve Your Performance by More Than 100%

Let me quickly share 5 reasons why writing goals down can help you become more committed to your goals and actualize them. Writing it will force you to clarify what you're going after. Imagine going out on a trip with no specific destination. What will you pack? Which roads do you take? How do you know if you arrived? You simply start by choosing a destination. The same is true with the milestones of your life. Writing goals down on paper will force you to select specifics and decide what you want. It will automatically motivate you to take action. Writing goals down is the beginning, but it is not enough. You must execute on your goals. You have to take action. I know that writing down my g

Successful Business Planning For 2017

Statistics show that New Year’s resolutions don’t work: 25% abandon their New Year’s resolutions after one week. 60 percent abandon them within six months. From the remaining 15%, only 3% actualize their resolution. At the same time, statistics show that writing specific measurable goals and an action plan (business planning) actually increases the chances for success. So lets talk about business planning. Boy o' boy do we love business planning! The best time to start your business planning and actually write down a plan of action for the year is around September. So obviously, today is November 30th...It's little bit late to bring this discussion right? I don't think so! I believe its bett

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