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5 Steps Realtors Must Take To Sell Their RI Real Estate Listings Faster

Step 1: Study the market daily.

Many realtors are looking to make a quick buck. We at Circle100 are fully devoted to preeminence customer service. That said, we are fully committed to give an accurate free home evaluation study.

to every RI home seller we are working with.

So how do we do that? We preview, we preview and then we preview some more. Previewing properties is by far the best way to study the real estate market and understand pricing and accuracy. After all, sitting on a computer and looking over a few Zillow or Trulia listings, will never give you an accurate and professional point of view. Also, running a CMA on the local RI MLS will not be as accurate if you don't take the time to go out and actually see the home, the location, the neighboring houses, the condition of the house (inside and out), the lot dimensions, the salability of the house, etc.

At Circle100 we are fully devoted to excellency. For that we created a very strict "ideal schedule" for all of our RI real estate agents and brokers. Following that specific schedule, will assure every RI home seller, the accuracy of a home evaluation report and the speed of selling.

Step 2: Know Your Stuff For Real.

Knowing your stuff means, you master your craft. If you decide to become a listing agent, someone who specializes in listing properties to sell, you must first perfect the skill of listing properties, perfect your knowledge of the local market you are in, be super focused and devoted 100%, preview minimum of 5 homes a day and make sure you know every RI active real estate listing in your area.

At Circle100 we devoted one entire bootcamp for this purpose: Perfecting your listing presentation and pricing strategy. This bootcamp is available for all agents from all companies (Click here for more details and to register for our upcoming bootcamps).

Side note:

Real estate sales and the brokerage industry, was in many cases degraded because of low industry standards. There are many RI real estate brokerages out there. Many of them are good and run by decent to great real estate professionals, but unfortunately other brokerages are not sifting through the quality of their agents and have no performance standards. Since every agent is an independent contractor, they tend to do whatever they want, they don't like to "be told" what to do, it makes it very hard for a broker to demand or make things mandatory.

At Circle100 real estate brokerage we build our company with cultural values of preeminence and the commitment to give 100% of ourselves to the cause at hand (click here to read more about our values).

Step 3: Invest Yourself

There is a very low reward for mediocracy in our industry. Statistic research done by NAR is showing that over 75% of all brand new licensees are leaving the industry within their first 12 months and from those who manage to survive (the 25%), only 20% get to make real money (6 figures income).

So what is the real difference between those who get their license and quit and the top producers who manage to perfect their craft?

I call this difference THE WHY.

The Why is the purpose one is setting up for themselves to achieve. Its a mission. A full 100% commitment to achieve specific tangible goals. Something they can't live without. Something so strongly desired that they can't stop until its achieved. Its a full commitment to never quit no matter what so they invest themselves 100%.

Are you investing yourself 100%? Are you going after specific goals that you can't live without?

Step 4: Write Specific Tangible Goals

Use this very moment (if you think to yourself: "who are you to tell me what to do?", remember, I am here for one reason only: To help you) to write 5 goals you can't live without. What are the 5 things you must have no matter what? Write these 5 things down now.

Are these 5 things tangible?

Can you see yourself achieving them?

Can you honestly say you are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to get these 5 things?

Now, if you answered yes to all these questions, lets move on.

Step 5: Write a Specific Action Plan

Once we have tangible goals written and we know and believe we can achieve these goals, the next step is to have a specific plan of actions. This action plan must be written and then followed verbatim. (btw If you need help with this step, simply click here and schedule a 30 minutes complementary business planning call with our founder. Yes, we give this service 100% complimentary because we are 100% committed to improve our industry and the success ratio of all RI real estate agents and brokers).

Do you have a specific schedule to follow everyday?

Is this schedule based on production activities?

Are you focused on the 20% that makes you 80% of your money? (for more info, read about the 80/20 rule on our blog)

Here is an ideal schedule we recommend all professional committed realtors:

  • Wake up no later than 6am (this is where more than 80% of people already fail).

  • 6-6:45 exercise (do one of these activities: walking, running, weights lifting, yoga, bicycle, dancing, zumba, aerobics, trampoline jumps, etc)

  • 6:45 - 7:30 prepare for the day (shower, dressed professionally, eat a healthy light breakfast)

  • 7:30 - 8 Pray/meditate. What's important here is to spend time in gratefulness. Feeling grateful for what you already have and saying Thank you G-d for giving me ____________________.

  • 8-8:30 Role-play scripts and dialogs (this is how you'll perfect your communication skills and your phone/face to face prospecting skills). We teach how to do this as well as give you specific scripts in our bootcamps (contact us for more info).

  • 8:30-11:30 Prospecting time. This includes calling your sphere of influence, past clients, fsbo's, expired's, door knocking, warm leads. The goal is to make minimum 30 contacts.

  • 11:30-12:30 Lead follow up. This is when you call the leads you create while prospecting. Its when you schedule appointments (listing as well as buyer appointments).

  • 12:30 - 1 check emails, return calls, social media quick check (bare in mind not to spend more than 30 minutes on this task)

  • 1 - 2 Lunch. We suggest you to eat with a client/colleague. Make it an educational time (you can also eat alone with a book, audio book or educational video). After lunch take 10-15minutes to meditate/relax/take a walk in nature.

  • 2 - 3:30 Previews. This is when you do your previews and get your pricing skill perfected.

  • 3:30 - on. This time is for appointments. You will book all your appointments with buyers and sellers for this time. If you have no appointments, you will devote the rest of the day to more prospecting.

When followed this specific schedule is guaranteed to bring you to a much higher production level.

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