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Should Realtors Use Youtube To Build Their Brand?

Many agents approach me with this question,

looking for a magic formula to promote their

business. Our business is built on the concept

of "Who Do You Know?".

It's not so much about what you know,

but who you know that can make an

impact on your bank account.

Assuming you don't know anyone

(a remark for those agents that always

come up with that excuse), you will then must

be willing to work harder, study harder, put in

more hours, be a lot more dedicated and

willing to give up pleasures and leisure time to

build your business in a market that knows

nothing about you.

I'll be honest with you, it is hard and not

for everyone.

Building a reputation, a brand, takes time

and dedication, so if you are broke, or

close to it, you should probably look for a

temp solution to make money until you get

back on your feet and come back here so

we could help you build a successful


Now lets touch the subject line.

A Youtube channel is an incredible tool

(when used correctly) and can be used to

help anyone build a niche market and

become the "Market Expert".

Many experienced agents as well as top

producers don't have a youtube channel

and probably won't.

But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't

use this amazing tool. A youtube channel

can promote your style and brand to the

local public very quickly if you have a

funny/different character and you are willing

to forget about being "camera shy".

This is a tool that can put you in front of home

buyers and sellers and present you as a market

expert. You will be able to secure a market

share in your area, if you can be consistent

enough to post on a consistent basis relevant

videos, fun videos, informative videos, updating

videos, that you could easily use almost any

smart phone as the main tool. Everything can

happen with your smart phone if you are

willing to do the work.

Find tips on how to find the right ideas to build your

youtube channel in another post.

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