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Real Estate Mastermind Group. We Begin January 31st 2018!

Mastermind group definition is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members.

On January 31, 2018 we're going to start the mastermind coaching sessions. During 2018 we're going to have 10 mastermind sessions (one every five weeks approximately), in each session we will focus on important challenges and put together solutions to resolve each challenge and cause you to accelerate your production. 

Some of the topics we'll discuss in these sessions will include: prospecting, handling objections, the listing presentation, versatility and personality profiles, time management, mindset, farming, advertising and social media, negotiating contracts, budgeting, and much more.

Who should be participating?

We invite all licensed real estate agents in Rhode Island and Massachusetts to participate. Since we are limited in space, in each mastermind session group we will have a maximum of 20 participants. If more than 20 people sign up, we might choose to open another mastermind group, first-come first-served policy.

How to book your seat:

Simply click on this link:

Once you are there simply scroll down and click yes on the invitation

What should you expect from the sessions

Throughout the year we will cover 26 important subjects there are designed specifically for top producers. Every person will be able to create a specific business plan and a specific schedule to reflect their goals and the activities that will cause them to accomplish these goals. Each member will be assigned to a specific group with other like-minded people who are seeking to achieve similar results. Each group member will hold accountable his team members and make sure that everyone follows their specific plan of action. In addition each team member will be able to ask the coach specific questions related to their personal production and challenges. The coach will help each person and each group to accomplish their specific goals and reach their targets for the year.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for these mastermind coaching sessions. These sessions are fully sponsored by Circle100 real estate brokerage. 

Your commitment:

To maximize the results of these mastermind coaching sessions, All participant must commit to participate in all group mastermind sessions, no exceptions.

Every group session is designed for specific targets therefore all participants must show up to all the sessions to make sure that our accountability sessions are completed by all members. If an individual cannot attend one of the meetings, this individual will not be able to attend future sessions. These strict rules are applied in order to secure the success level of each individual within the group. 

The location:

All sessions will take place at circle100 Real estate brokerage offices located at 244 weybossett Street, Second floor suite number 3, Providence Rhode Island, 02903.

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