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How Top Producing Realtors Prepare For A Listing Presentation (before and during)

Follow these steps:

  • Prequalify your listing presentation (use prequalifying script) and make sure the seller is motivated and ready to list.

  • Send a pre-listing package (one page references, listing plan of action, listing documents filled out with suggested price/commission etc).

  • Preview nearby similar homes before the presentation.

  • Practice/Role-play (out laud) the presentation and handling objections (ahead of time).

  • Dress professionally (look like a million dollar).

  • Get to the sellers house 10-15 minutes before schedule, walk around, take pictures and inspect the outside.

  • Visualize (while in your car) a successful presentation outcome.

  • Go to the door with high energy and a big smile.

  • Firm hand shake.

  • Present at the kitchen table (preferably) or dining area (not on a coach).

  • Follow a scripted presentation with high energy and determination.

  • Be excited. Be happy. Be positive. Know your stuff.

  • Ask plenty of relevant questions (should be on your script).

  • Listen more. Talk less.

If you are interested and wishing to improve your listing presentation, click and register for our next Listing Presentation & Pricing Strategy Camp.

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