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Understanding Personality Styles Will Increase Your Sales. Period.

There are 16 personality styles.

Which one are you? which one is the person you're working with? (your buyers, your sellers, the cooperating agent, the attorney). How should you approach each one? Is there a way to approach each one differently to get better communication results, more trust, more productivity?

Taking the time to study personality styles and how to relate to each one is an advanced sales technique which requires time to master. Most realtors don't take the time to focus on what improves their sales skills. Most are simply looking for a buyers, a seller, an investor to sell them something and forget that buyers, sellers and investors have their own personality style and unless they feel comfortable and safe with you, they will end up buying/selling with someone else. Its that simple.

There are many lead generation systems and tools, but converting leads into actual sales is a skill and it takes time to master.

At the beginning of my career I was focusing on the numbers game: the more phone calls I made, the more contacts I got, the more contacts, the more appointments, the more appointments, the more listings and the more listings, the more closings I had. Simple. I made more phone calls than anyone else I knew and therefore I got results. At that time I was closing 40-50 transactions a year.

A few years later, I came across a top producer real estate agents from San Diego California. This guy closed at the time over 300 transactions a year with only 3 full time assistants and no buyers agent. He closed 300+ transactions all by himself. When they interviewed him, he said: "I had a breakthrough when I realized that I need to improve my sales skills, so I started studying and practicing NLP and personality styles and how to match each one to help me build rapport more easily". I approached him after the event and asked him, how many deals did you close prior to focusing on your sales skills... he said: "between 40-50 transactions".

That day was an eye opener for me. I realized that I was focusing on the wrong things to grow my production. I then immediately shifted my focus and started learning NLP and personality styles. (my last sentence should tell you already which personality style I have).

First I figured which personality I am, then I understood my pros and cons and how to relate with other styles (each in a different way). Shortly after I started paying attention to what I say and more importantly how I was saying it, getting listings became effortless. It was truly magic.

I read a few books on personality styles and during my phone calls and listing presentations I started focusing on the other's gestures, their body language, their tonality, pronunciation, and slowly, I was able to pin point which personality style group they belong to (there are 4 major types and in each type, there are 4 styles, totaling 16) and match myself to their style.

Now, besides the fact that in 1 year I almost doubled my production (70-80 transactions), I actually started working less hours. My phone calls produced better results, my meetings produced better results, I was able to build rapport quickly and book appointments with ease.

Most real estate associates don't understand what makes them money, they focus solely on finding leads, finding buyers, finding investors (by buying leads, or begging their brokers to give them leads, or posting ads on social media). They focus on the wrong things and wasting time, money & most importantly energy.

On the other end, there are top producers who became top producers because they naturally poses outstanding communication skills and NLP is part of their natural way of communicating, or, they took the time to improve themselves, their skills and focused on their communications skills (learning scripts, practicing, role-playing, chanting scripts and dialogs, rehearsing their presentations etc).

For those of you who decided to read this post, let me give you a few pointers:

  1. Discover your personality style (you can do it for free on

  2. Read each page on the analysis and discover your style in depth

  3. Study the other personality styles in depth

  4. Make a decision to focus on improving your communication skills.

  5. Register to an NLP class.

  6. Buy books on the subject and read them.

  7. Find role-play partners to practice scripts and dialogs (especially the listing presentation).

On this website, I included training videos and scripts you can download for free. If you are interested, email me at:

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