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This One "Small" Difference, Can Make You A Millionaire Real Estate Agent!

One of the greatest moments in

history (in my opinion), was when

G-d gave the ten commandments.

I wish to emphasize one commandment

in particular. This one has everything

to do with the headline and the reason

you chose to read this post.

Exodus 20:9-10: "Six days you

shall labor and do all your work,

but the seventh day is a sabbath

to the Lord your God. On it you

shall not do any work, neither you,

nor your son or daughter, nor your

male or female servant, nor your

animals, nor any foreigner residing

in your towns".

In this portion, we were given

the law for prosperity.

When I started my career in real

estate, I had no money, I was broke.

But what I did have was time, and

let me tell you, I worked it.

For many years, I hustled and

worked for many hours, day in,

day out, 7 days a week, 12 - 14

hours a day.

Sounds familiar?

Although I became a top producer

making a lot of money and closing

many transactions, I wasn't happy.

I was actually burned out.

Most people in our industry

(the 90%), fall into one of these

2 categories:

  1. Not Working Enough.

  2. Working Too Much.

Its like, when we get our license,

we lose control of our time.

Look around your office and you will

quickly realize, realtors have no balance!

So how do we find the space between?

How do we find the right measure?

The balance comes when we follow

the commandment:

6 days of labor, 1 day of rest!

That is how G-d created this world,

6 days of creation and 1 day of

total rest.

I believe, the bible is a code book,

giving those of us (who believe),

the keys to achieve prosperity in all

areas of life.

Unfortunately (and fortunately) it took

me a huge breakdown to realize what

I already knew.

Schedule your work week around 6

days of labor and 1 day of total rest.

Total rest meaning, you turn off your

cell phone, you turn off your computer,

you disconnect completely and you

focus on rejuvenating, collecting

your thoughts, reflecting, being

grateful, spending time with family,

friends, loved ones AND REST.

Later in the game, I upgraded this

formula for myself. Here is what I do:

5 Days of Hard Labor, working on the

20% activities that bring 80% of the

results (Prospecting, lead follow up,

presenting, negotiating deals).

I spend 1 whole day on mental work:

Planning, reflecting, organizing, reading,

scheduling, improving, and revisiting


And then of course:

1 Full Day Of Total REST. It's called Shabat.

In hebrew Shabat is derived from the

word to cease, to rest, to stop.

God Bless you :) and

Remember, happiness is balance!


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