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5 Super Simple Tricks for Getting Way More Listings

1. Know who the decision-makers are and their motives.

Before you schedule your presentation, make sure to ask who’s involved in the decision-making process, what they intend to do after the sale, and how long they wish the process to take. Failing to find out this key information prior to presenting can easily be the death of your sale. There’s nothing worse than getting to the house, only to learn there’s half a dozen people you’ve never even heard of who have to approve the decision. This huge pitfall can be easily avoided simply by asking your prospects about the decision-making process up front.

2. Know and focus on your value proposition.

You must focus on the real value of what you offer and how it will positively effect the sellers. At the end of the day, sellers are looking for outcomes and solutions -- not products or services. So be specific about the valuable results sellers could expect from working with you.

3. Don't be desperate.

Home sellers can easily sense when you’re trying to get them to say yes. Trying to persuade the sellers can make them feel pressured and put them on the defense. Instead of trying to convince, focus your conversation on determining whether there’s a fit in the first place. For example, if you'll focus on disqualifying them, they’d be much more open to what you have to say. When they feel you aren’t there to pressure them into anything, they’ll be more comfortable with you and you’ll be more likely to close the sale.

4. Become a trusted advisor.

This will require a shifting in mindset that will transform your approach from, “Please, Mr. seller, can I have just three minutes of your time?” to “John and Kathy, I’d like to share with you the steps my sellers use to increase price and speed up the process.” Stop begging others for their time. Instead, view yourself as a critical trusted advisor to your clients and they in return will mimic your point of view.

5. Understand your seller’s challenges.

When you’re focused solely on how great you are, you’ll never find out whether you’re actually a good fit for the home sellers. Ask questions to determine the home seller's key challenges and find out if they actually need and want what you're offering them. Not only will this technique enable you to weed out home sellers who aren’t a good fit, but it will also equip you to offer a solution that’s more in line with the outcomes they needs the most.

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